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A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon story
by Elsa Bibat

Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC. This is used without permission.

This disclaimer also applies to several intellectual properties referred to in the text. Please be guided accordingly.

Before the Silver Millennium:

The heart crystal hovered, shining with a multicolored light over the writhing form bound to the slab-like table.

The light from the crystal was like piercing spears of brilliance. They illuminated the entire room, bathing its two other occupants in white. One was a woman, slender and beautiful, dressed in gold-trimmed robes of white. Her alabaster hair, as white as the glow, was tied up into pair of twin ponytails were silver streamers flying in an unfelt wind. Sweat beaded on her brow, over a pair of sapphire blue eyes filled with fires of purpose. In her outstretched hands, she held the heart crystal delicately over the form on the flat table. Serenity the White Queen was at work.

The other person was dressed in a black that seemed to drink the light of the room. A military tunic and pants could be seen under the cloak of jet. His hair, a luxurious mane of sable streaked with white, was tied back in a ponytail. A craggy, handsome face peeked out from under wild bangs. His blue-gray eyes gazed at the sight before him. This was Endymion, brother to Serenity and her protector. The pair of them together was always an awe-inspiring sight, the power and majesty that seemed to radiate off them making them always the center of attention.

But of all the figures in the room, the one bound on the table would draw the most attention over the two siblings. It was vaguely human in form, struggling to escape from the light. Limbs, tentacles and pseudopods erupted from the dark form trying to attack the woman. But the light was strong and some unknown force held the entity down.

Then slowly, the woman lowered the heart crystal downward.

The writhing monstrosity stiffened as the source of incredible light came nearer and nearer. Dark limbs sprouted and identifying features resolved into the figure making it a vaguely human-like. The blackish skin started to curl up and fall off, molting like a snake's scaly exterior, to be replaced by a pink, fleshy color. The transfiguration continued as the heart crystal came to almost touching the thing on the table.

Where there was an unidentifiable mass of vaguely organic features before, a woman's form was evident. A rather well-formed woman's form as evidenced by the shapely curves that seemed to go on forever, curves that went up and down at exactly the right places, and a face that seemed like an angel's framed by golden hair.

Suddenly, Serenity plunged her hands and the heart crystal deep in between the valley of the woman's breasts. The woman's eyes flashed open in an instant, revealing lovely blue eyes, and screeched as if she was on fire. The girl started to flail her arms trying to get away from Serenity's grip.

Immediately, acolytes dressed in white appeared from hidden doors and assisted Serenity in calming the newly-made woman. The invisible bonds that held her earlier seemed to have no effect now as demonstrated by one of the acolytes being thrown into a wall, unconscious. He had been trying to restrain her leg when a kick sent him flying. Endymion strode forward to assist the acolytes when suddenly the girl stopped. She was looking at Serenity, who still had her hands inside her chest. The White Queen's gaze was soft and understanding. The girl was entranced. Then her eyes went up and she fainted on the table.

Serenity withdrew her hands from the girl's chest, shifting them into normal space to be able to use them properly. She moved her hand to caress the woman's cheek and ran a hand through the long flaxen hair.

"The Third Child has been created. From now on, she will be called Venus. Take her to her designated quarters. I will come and take care of her later."

The white-robed acolytes bowed and proceeded to gently carry Venus to her appointed rooms. Serenity wiped the sweat off her brow and turned to her brother with a smile.

"Impressive." Endymion dryly said as he looked at the table where a young woman was recently created.

"I was lucky that our friends from Yuggoth managed to intercept one of the Great Mother's Spawn when it was passing through the Rim."

Endymion arched an eyebrow and gave her a meaningful look. "In exchange for what?"

"In exchange for their reintegration into human society. You've seen their old records and we've had it confirmed in the Traveler's Journal. It would be unseemly to let these creatures stay on in their current form." Serenity waved a hand and a section of the wall became a door. She gestured for her brother to follow her down a white hallway.

"The Mi-Go have finally come to their senses?" Endymion said in wonder.

"More likely they would like to plumb our non-linear thinking patterns in the most thorough way possible," deadpanned Serenity. "I have Klark-Ashton, one of my acolytes, helping out. He has already managed to soulmeld several Earth cats with Mi-Go mind spores. I have a few ideas for creating human bodies for them."

"This could bode trouble for our plans, sister."

"Do not worry, brother. I can handle those who would object. One of the reasons I agreed is because Mi-Go minds are extremely useful. Their logic patterns would help the technologists of Mercury in figuring out the old archives. Add to that the fact that they are instinctively adept at certain magics…" Serenity trailed off, letting her brother guess at what she planned.

"You do not intend to make one a Child?" gasped Endymion.

"Why not? If I use one of the buds and meld it with a ghola, I could give us another Child. Actually, I have several other ideas for other Children. Some Deep One half-breeds are seeking help for their condition and water magic runs deep in Deep One blood, even those diluted by human blood. Then there are the Sons of Fire. Eibon has managed to capture one and I have a thought on melding it with a human. All in all, I have the capability to double the number of Children we have…"

Endymion sighed as Serenity continued her explanations. He could not blame his sister for seeking allies in the strangest places. In the war that was to come, strength and power as long as they are on your side was all that was necessary. He shuddered to contemplate what their opponent's weapons would be.

"How is your First?" Serenity suddenly inquired, breaking into his thoughts.

"Eh? He is … doing fine. Though he can be a bit taciturn at times."

"My First is also the same. Maybe we should have them meet. It must be hard for them, being the only ones of their kind." Serenity sadly said as she looked out at a nearby window. "We do what we must, brother, so that our kind will live. But what of them when the war is done? I teach the First and the Second how to be human, but at time I still feel the beast within them, raging to get out."

"What do you expect? They are of the Eldest Ones, like the Third. I could almost expect the trouble you will get from them."

Serenity smiled. "They are also children in their own way. Do you know that they call me Mama?"


"Well, they do. Even the Second who still remembers her true mother calls me that. Don't give me that look, Endymion. They may not be totally human, but all they need is love and protection and someone who understands them. They will turn out fine."

"That is why I'm here. My First will be my last. From now on I will seek for my warriors among those of humanity. I am not like you, Serenity. I work with soldiers and men, I have a better time of understanding them than children who are living weapons."

The siblings had stopped their walk and looked at each other. Endymion continued in his speech.

"Also, I am worried. They are not totally human. The possibility that they may turn against us high."

"But—" Serenity was cut off by Endymion's raised hand.

"You say that all they need is someone who would understand them. Where would they find such beings? Each of them is unique, a product of your magic and the ancient technologies of the Empire, tell me who could—" It was Serenity's turn to cut her brother off.

"Do you think so low of me that I would not subject people under my magic and my hands without doing it to myself?" Her voice was low enough to be a whisper but in the deserted hallway it was like a shout.

"Serenity, you did not—"

Serenity punched a nearby wall. A spiderweb pattern of cracks radiated from where her fist met the alabaster structure. She turned to her brother.

"That was my physical strength. My magical strength is three times greater than it was when we faced the Black Pharaoh. I am also forging weapons of power to even make myself stronger. The Atlantian pendant of mine I melded with the Crystal. By the end of it, brother, I would be like a goddess. I will be powerful enough to match any or all of the Children I create. I would also know what they are going through. They will not be alone when the time comes."

Endymion was silent. After a few moments, he shook his head.

"Sister, you are either a genius or a madwoman. If anything else you are still my blood and I trust your decisions. I just hope they do not destroy all that we have worked for. But I will not make anymore Children."

Serenity smiled and nodded, showing her understanding. She then gave her brother a light hug.

"Always faithful, my Endymion."

"More like always gullible, little Serenity. My First is in your Gardens waiting for you. I assume that this is where this hallway leads."

"Here in Luna, all paths lead to the Gardens."

Then brother and sister moved on to meet one of their Children.

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