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A Sailor Moon / Rose of Versailles vignette
by Elsa Bibat

Part of the "Dances Set To The Music Of Time" sequence

Disclaimer: The Rose of Versailles is owned by Ryoko Ikeda. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC. This is used without permission.

This disclaimer also applies to several intellectual properties referred to in the text. Please be guided accordingly.

"Is it a sin to ask for a happy ending?"
—A quote attributed to Sir Percy Blakeney

June 1789:

To say that Oscar Francois de Jarjayes was angry at the moment would be an understatement.

"I'm going to do WHAT?!"

The fact that she was abducted at gunpoint in broad daylight and bundled into the carriage they were currently riding in was one of the factors contributing to her current state of displeasure.

"You and your manservant are going to England."

The two people in front of her were the other factors.

The woman looked to be Italian, with the touch of the South Mediterranean obvious on her skin and the lilting accent. Her coiffured hair seemed to change color from brown to black to a strange greenish tint as the sunlight played around her head. Her eyes had a distinct reddish tint. Obviously the results of inbreeding, Oscar snidely thought to herself. The woman had presented herself as the Countess of Monte Cristo, wherever that was, and then gave Oscar the order that she should have her bags packed and be ready to leave France for England in two days.

Her silent companion was a tall Englishman dressed foppishly in the current fashion of the court. An obvious dandy, he had that sleepy look on his face, as if the proceedings were none of his concern. The only noticeable thing about him was his ring, a piece that was decorated by a strange gem that seemed to change color the same way his companion's hair color changed in the sunlight.

"And why should I do that?!"

The dandy was the one who answered. His French had that drawling quality that the English could only put into her mother tongue. It was irritating as hell.

"Confidential orders from His Majesty, Louis XVI, of course."

Oscar could only blink at that statement.

The Countess, feeling an opening, slipped in smoothly. "Sir Percy is telling the truth. I apologize if I had been too direct. Here, read this." The woman suddenly had a letter in her hand, the Royal Seal obvious for all to see.

"Where did—" Oscar started to ask the question that was in her mind when the one called Sir Percy interjected.

"Secret missives such as this must be protected in several ways. Let us just say that the Countess has several trick up her sleeve to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands."

Oscar inspected the letter's seal. It was undoubtedly the royal insignia affixed on the red wax. Opening it, she was surprised that the two before her were telling the truth.

"Why wasn't this given to me directly?"

"Secrecy, mademoiselle," said Sir Percy with that horrible drawl of his. "His Majesty…or rather some of his advisors feel that there is a need for your service overseas." Seeing Oscar grimace, the Countess interjected. "Not as a spy, of course. The King would not ask that of you. You would be going there to assist Sir Percy."

"Assist this Englishman?! He cannot even speak French properly!"

The Countess smiled in response and continued. "Which is one of the reasons why the King is sending you to help him. There is trouble on the horizon and His Majesty needs someone he can trust by the side of Sir Percy. Though he may not look like much, he has the trust of your King and his."

Oscar gave the two of them a regarding glance and looked at the letter. It could have been a forgery. But she knew for some strange reason that it was not.

"I would have to make arrangements—"

"You will be ready to leave in two days. You can bring up to five people, the accommodations that we have acquired for you enable that much. Everything that you need will be provided along with the specifics of your… mission. Plus there is a hundred louis waiting for you at your lodgings for your disposal. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope to see you again."

The Countess had delivered the sentences in a direct manner that brooked no argument. As she finished, the carriage stopped and the door was open.

"I believe you are were you need to be."

Oscar could only get out of the carriage. The Countess' voice had a strange power that compelled her obedience and that final sentence gave the entire affair a dream-like quality.

But the letter was still in her hand and it told her to go to England.

Oscar just shook her head and went off to tell Andre of their new posting.

"Did you really have to do that?"

"Do what?"

"Degrade such a beautiful language, of course!"

"It is not my problem that the French happen to use sounds that only themselves and dogs could hear."

"But you're speaking it quite skillfully now."

"Alas, I cannot but help irritate women such as young Jarjayes. They remind me of you when we were younger."

The Countess of Monte Cristo gave Sir Percy Blakeney a stare that would have made a lesser man soil his trousers. Sir Percy just smiled and looked out the window. The Countess just sighed and she was silent as the Englishman continued.

"She will definitely be useful for our purposes and her bloodline will be a definite plus."

"You mean we're not saving her for your sense of drama?"

"Well, that too. I attribute it to my recent infatuation. She is quite… stimulating. The romantic in me stirs."

"Yes, Marguerite is quite the enlightened young lady for this particular century. Though the fact that you have to act the buffoon at times most likely irritates her. You will marry her?"

"Of course. She has managed to catch my eye and I have gone for some time outside the married life. You, my dear sister, should find some decent men to while away the centuries with."

"Brother, the men of this age are pigs. Good in bed, but not for a long life with. Besides all the good men go for the sweet, simpering types."

"Then that means I am not a good man then." Sir Percy asked with an arched eyebrow.

"You never were a good man in the first place."

"Touché. Anyway, I'm quite relieved that we managed to get Oscar out of here. As it is, we'll probably be cutting it close by a week."

"Your scryings are getting more powerful then?"

"Yes, though the Gates are still not totally accessible. I'll be off to England in a few days to set up our plans there. Will you be alright here?"

The Countess responded with an unladylike snort. "And who or what would threaten me here? Cagliostro and his bunch of incompetents? Besides, I still may head it off."

"Do not discount the alchemist out of the equation. He and his allies have still managed to turn France into a powder keg, even with the Soldats and our other organizations trying to stop them."

"As if they could kill the Child of a God. Still, I will be careful if you wish, little brother. Besides, I have several agents watching my back like young Moreau and that girl from Soldats. And the vampires of the Inquisition will deal with the more supernatural threats. And those that survive them will have to face me, of course."

"Take care all the same, sister. I do not know what would happen if I lost you." Sir Percy gave her a look that brooked no argument.

"And I do not know what I would do without you, brother. So we both promise to take care of ourselves, shall we?"

The pair looked at each other in silent agreement, both pair of eyes seeming to burn with a strange, eldritch light, in the intensity of their gaze. Sir Percy slowly nodded and returned to regard the passing scenery outside with a sigh.

"What a terrible mess we have managed to make of Europe, sister."

"Not like the East, isn't it? A gaggle of secret societies, with a third of them working against us, another third working for us and the last third trying to get as much money for themselves. If this were China, we would have united the entire damn continent by now."

"A united Europe, under one leader, will most likely be a dream for another century or so. At least, the American colonies are doing well to unite themselves and the last I heard the Empire was still standing in China."

"It had damn better. Five hundred years of work should have made the damn place solid as a rock."

The two were silent once again as they considered their particular problem.

"If they do succeed, we do have a backup plan, don't we?"

"Le Soldats is working on that now. A judicious piece of assassination here and there will put our people in control. We might even be able to put someone in charge that could do what we have planned."

"Oh, do we have someone in mind?"

"Yes. Are you are acquainted with one of our agents in Corsica by the name of Carlo Buonaparte? You have met his young son here in Paris, I believe.

"Napoleon? Why, yes."

A Cheshire smile graced the Countess' face as she regarded her companion, a twinkle in her eyes as she started to explain.

"Good. You see, I have a plan…"


Author's notes: I always had conflicting emotions about the ending of Rose of Versailles. I mean… it was tragic and all. But I want more escapism than realism at times. Still, it was a rather natural ending, and at least Oscar got laid before she got blown away.

As it is, in the "Dance" sequence, Oscar survives and her genetics get to be passed on to the next generation. Two of the Senshi and Tux-boy are descended from her, and quite a few other heroes and heroines of the nineteenth and twentieth century. BTW, for the curious, Oscar Jarjayes was supposed to have died on July 13, 1789. Thus, the mention of cutting it close.

There are several references to other individuals and series in the "Dance" sequence. They range from the in-your-face reference for Noir, Dumas and Orczy to some of the more obscure ones. Good luck in finding them all! ^_^

C&C and historical corrections (I think I have Napoleon right, but I could be wrong) are welcome.

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