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In 1945, the Royal Protestant Order of the Knights of Hellsing destroyed one of the most powerful forces for evil in the world, a force as old as man and that had tried to shape humanity to its twisted vision. At least, that's what they thought they did.

Now, on the eve of the old millenium and the cusp of a new one, the Order of Hellsing is about to face the greatest threat that it has ever known in the long history since Queen Elizabeth I first handed them their mandate. Fortunately, they are not alone.

Heroes come from the strangest places, and allies can be found in the most peculiar situations. An elder vampire as old as the Roman Empire, compelled to fight injustice with a laugh and blazing scarlet eyes. A man of bronze, the pinnacle of human perfection, just returned from trip on a peculiar British police call-box. A woman chosen by fate and mysteriosu interdimensional beings to be indestructible. An inventor with a swift mind and an equally agile body, old though he may be. An English lord from Africa with grey eyes, whose well-tailored clothes hide a physique honed by the harsh jungles of the dark continent.

They, and many others, are about to face the greatest challenge of their live, for the Three are alive: she who spins has already lain her webs. She who measures has the thread of fate in her hands... and, she who cuts holds the scissors poised to cut and end humanity's dreams forever. (Adventure) Hellsing / The Shadow fusion.

Under the Shadow of Hell


Chapter 1: Encounters

Chapter 2: Tourists

Chapter 3: Dawn

Chapter 4: Tea

Chapter 5: Diogenes

Chapter 6: E Branch

Chapter 7: History

Chapter 8: Investigations

Chapter 9: Sparring

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